Making cool things from reclaimed wood - I couldn't do anything else!

In my youth I had a Radio Flyer red wagon; I decided it needed wood panel sides so I could haul bigger loads. I scavenged some planks out of the firewood pile and built the sides with this wood and a hand full of nails. I remember an adult raving at that ingenuity, but thinking to myself-it wasn't that hard.

Through high school I bouyed up my GPA with wood shop. Later I graduated from Boise State University with a Communication degree, and my only job interview was with a Hardwood Lumber company. I got the job. I learned quickly and moved up in management which took me to St George, UT and then to Phoenix, AZ. In Phoenix I moved from distribution center manager to territory manager in the reclaimed wood division. A year later I was offered the job as head of the reclaimed wood division and I moved again-this time to the Salt Lake City area-my wife was adamant that we stay put this time. We have been here since 2001. Since then I moved on to one of the largest reclaimed wood companies in the country as General Manager. After a few years there I struck out on my own and started HistoricWoods by LunarCanyon which supplies reclaimed building materials to the construction industry, but in the depths of the recession in 2010 I started reclaiming wood locally and making whatever I could from it.

This work was just something to keep me busy, but it seemed to have a life of its own. In 2012 a series of fortunate events put me into a shop with a good group of workers and HistoricWoods formally added the MadMoose line of products which we started making in the shop and selling on Etsy.

Now the shop is growing and more of HistoricWoods' more traditional product are being produced in the shop rather than using third party mills. I am having fun; I still feel like the kid building sides for his Radio Flyer.

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